Hi, I'm Y.-C.

Few things you should know about me

About me

“Thinking of users as experts and observing behaviors is a journey of satisfying endless curiosity for me.“

Earned master's degree in Information Science at the University of Texas at Austin majoring in user experience research, I am enthusiastic about and familiarized with the work combining quantitative and qualitative research methods in order to change key user behaviors and work with multi-disciplinary specialists from every domain.

Through my 6+ years of research experience, I am able to demonstrate excellent verbal communication skills as I worked collaboratively with different stakeholders and across different teams. Both experiences working for a big corporation and a UX agency made me succeed in adapting to fast-paced work environments and dealing with multiple projects simultaneously, solving real-world challenges within tight timeline.

Working as a Researcher in the Center for Research in Cognitive Science and having received a degree in psychology, I developed a solid background in experimental methodology and strong statistical knowledge that helps me conduct statistical analysis to analyze data from behavioral experiments.


* 6yr research experience

* Quantitative & Qualitative research

* Psychology background

* Inclusive design advocator

If you would like to share anything with me, just drop me a line!


Austin, Texas 78703